What We Do

Touch Apps makes beautiful games that are fun and entertaining for all ages.
We try to achieve this goal by basing our games on everyday life experiences, inspirations and dreams.

About Us

Touch Apps is the rock band of the mobile software industry, a small but extremely skilled team that love what they’re doing, and do it quite well.

In a world where money talks and giant companies dominate the market with huge advertising budgets and power, it’s challenging for smaller independent studios to
Touch Apps has risen to this challenge and has since continuously reached the top of the


Touch Apps was founded in 2009 by
Eyal Behavod and Orel Ohana and is based in Israel.
Our goal is to deliver apps and games to the market that are nothing short of sheer
We achieve this goal by staying small and hiring only the most talented and professional
artists with the same passion for their work that we have.

Key Staff
Eyal Behavod

Co-Founder & CEO
Eyal is an expert iOS developer, with 11 years of programming experience.
He’s very passionate about coding and game design, and even spends his spare time doing them.
Eyal loves cutting edge technology, and starting off a mobile software company was the natural thing to do.

Orel Ohana

Co-Founder & Executive Producer
Orel is a very talented and enthusiastic Executive Producer.
She manages all business operations, develops marketing strategies, and oversees the entire development process.
She earned her BA degree in Sociology with emphasis in organizational studies and
human resource management.